Chemo Buddies

City Church is excited to partner with Chemo Buddies as we love those affected by cancer. Their vision and mission are listed below!

Chemo Buddies gives hope and encouragement to those who are going through cancer treatment. In addition to volunteers in the treatment room, we provide positive, uplifting experiences to everyone affected by cancer.

No one ever has to face chemo alone! Chemo Buddies are in every local treatment room every single day. We serve every person that walks through the treatment room door - our friends in the recliners, their friends and loved ones, and sometimes even the staff person who needs a little extra TLC. Our job is to provide HOPE to everyone affected by cancer.

But what about life outside the treatment room? We are now offering other programs for support. SHUTTLE BUDDIES gives free rides to treatment, MERMAID SQUAD is a group of gals doing fun activities, STUDENT BUDDIES work on service learning projects at school, PARENT BUDDIES is a family group for parents with cancer with younger children, and of course, our signature event HOPEFEST on the first Saturday in May to bring us ALL together for a wonderful party!

There are many ways to serve alongside Chemo Buddies! For all volunteer opportunities, head over to our volunteer page and visit them at their website below.