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Our Vision & Values

The Vision of City Church is to bring spiritual, social and cultural renewal to the city of Evansville and beyond through a movement of people who are being transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

That vision drives everything we do as a church. There are few things about how we pursue that vision that are really important to us, and they are:

The Gospel

The gospel is the good news that God has entered history through Jesus Christ to rescue and renew the world. By trusting in Jesus’ work and record (rather than our own) for our relationship to God, we can personally experience God’s transforming power and actively participate in His plan for the world.

Cultural Engagement

A correct understanding of the gospel and its implications drives Christ followers to be more engaged, not less engaged, with our culture.


Because the local church occupies such a central role in God’s plan to renew the world, we want to strive to do everything we do with excellence within the limits of our resources.

Intellectual Integrity

We value scrutiny of Christian Truth. Though Christianity is certainly more than merely intellectual, a deep understanding of Christian Truth requires and promotes intellectual rigor and spurs people to seek the knowledge of God and the mysteries of the universe He created.


Real life is messy; full of highs and lows; joys and sorrows; victories and defeats; beliefs and doubts. We don’t airbrush reality because we believe genuine life change begins with acknowledging the reality of human brokenness.


Because God first introduces himself to us in the Bible as an artist (Genesis 1:1), we value the creative arts. We encourage artists to use and develop their creative gifts inside and outside the church in ways that enrich the culture. We also utilize creative expression from popular culture to communicate the truth of the gospel and our love for Jesus Christ.

Bias for Action

We would rather do something for Christ than do nothing. We will not allow the fear of failure or the fear of offending someone to keep us from doing what we believe we are called to do.

We meet in downtown Evansville at 314 Market Street, easily accessible from the Lloyd Expressway.

Take the 1st Ave. exit south and you'll find our building two blocks down on the right, across from Raben Tire and The Coliseum.