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1st Step, Next Step, Big Step

Besides being intimidating, visiting a new church can also be confusing. Often, you can leave with more questions than you had before you came.

In order to minimize your confusion and to streamline your involvement at City Church, we have a very simple orientation process that we call "First Step, Next Step, Big Step."

This process begins with a free luncheon for newcomers on the fourth Sunday of every month immediately following the 11:00 service. There you can meet the staff, hear more about the church and ask questions if you have them. That’s the "First Step.” Once you take that step, we’ll tell you what the “Next Step” is, followed by the “Big Step.” Don’t worry; there is no pressure. Each step is completely up to you.

We think you will find this an easy and non-intimidating way to learn about City Church and how to get involved here. In fact, if you would like to register for “First Step,” just click HERE and we’ll make arrangements for you to be there!