It’s our desire at City Kids to create a fun and engaging environment for kids to learn about Jesus with solid Biblical teaching by caring leaders.

So, while you are in the main worship service, your child will be participating in an engaging worship experience designed just for them, with age-appropriate teaching so that they can learn about Jesus on their level.

The City Kids Main Entrance is located on the Market Street side of the church building, and there is a drop-off/pick-up area for your convenience.

The first stop you’ll make in City Kids is Check In. We will collect basic contact information and issue you with a security tag that matches your child(ren). You’ll need to show this security tag when picking up your child at the end of the service. The next time you attend, you will be able to check in your child(ren) at the check-in computers.

After check in, your child(ren) is ready to begin the morning with us. When the service is over, your child may be picked up in their respective classroom.

Nursery & Preschool (Birth - Months)

Infants (Birth – 18 months) and Toddlers (19 - 36 months) each have their own rooms equipped with age-appropriate toys, books, and learning tools, and caring volunteers give attention to, cuddle, and play with the children. At times, the PreK Bible story may be shown and/or worship music is played. Most of their time is free play so that they can move and stay active.



Preschool-aged children spend a majority of their morning in their room where they are introduced to the Small Group model they will continue to see in their faith journey. Afterward, they move into the Large Group Room where they experience a worship environment geared specifically for them with worship songs and a Bible story.




If your child(ren) has an environmental or food allergy, it can be printed on their name tag. Volunteers will always ask before offering a snack or drink. If an activity calls for an item that is a known allergy for your child(ren), we will let you know ahead of time so that we can accommodate appropriately.



Child Dedications

Child dedications are held approximately twice a year. We call it a “child dedication” but in reality it is really more of a parent dedication. Yes, we want you to bring your child(ren) up front, and we provide you with a certificate of child dedication, but the real significance of the event is that you are indicating that it is of critical importance to you that you raise your child(ren) in a way that points him/her to Christ as the center of life, the Object and Subject of life. We believe no one can force a child into a relationship with Christ, but you can give them the opportunity to see and understand the importance of responding to the love of Christ through your life and personal example. What you prioritize, your child(ren) will always remember.


Participating in the child dedication service, then, is a statement of your desire to raise your child(ren) in a home that prioritizes a relationship with Christ as evidenced by your own relationship with Christ. Nothing about the child dedication confers salvation or eternal life upon your child(ren). It is simply a statement that you want to give your child(ren) every chance to know the profound, sacrificial love of Jesus as demonstrated on the cross.

Elementary (K-5)

Kindergarten through 5th Grade students are divided into the following age groups: K-1st Grade, 2nd – 3rd Grade, and 4th – 5th Grade. They spend a majority of the morning in the Large Group Room where a talented group of musicians and storytellers lead their own worship serve including age-appropriate songs of worship and creative Bible teaching. This provides kids an opportunity to tell God how much they love Him and connect to a story from God’s Word in a way that they can understand and remember. Afterward, they break into their age-specific rooms for small group where they build trust about God’s character and are encouraged to live out God’s story using prayer and real-life activities and applications.



Safety & Security

The safety and security of the children who attend City Church is of utmost importance to us. That’s why every volunteer must submit a volunteer application that includes a criminal background check before they begin working.

In addition, each week that you check in, you’ll receive a pick-up tag that you must present to the volunteer at pick up. If you lose your tag, you’ll need to present identification in order to receive your child(ren).


Home Engagement

City Kids doesn’t start and end on Sunday morning. We believe that continuing the dialogue and reinforcing the main ideas at home is invaluable to a child’s relationship with Jesus Christ. But, we don’t expect you to do it alone. So, we equip you in very specific ways: 1) Facebook posts 2) Emailed home discussions. Another outside resource that ties in with the curriculum is It’s a good website that ties in all of the things that they are learning about on Sunday morning.


Each week, we post a variety of conversation starters designed for preschool-age and elementary-age children on our Facebook page: CityKidsEVV. Famous quotes, links to great articles, and scripture references are some examples of the content used.

Home Discussions

Each week that your child(ren) attends, we email you a home discussion guide that provides a summary of the lesson and suggested activities that you can do easily with your child(ren) during the week. For the Infants and Toddlers, the content includes words to tell the baby and an activity to do together, as well as encouraging for you. For PreK, activities could be during play time, bath time, cuddle time, or car time. For Elementary, the content includes two meal time questions to help start a conversation.

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